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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software Development

Speed and efficiency toward reaching company goals constantly boost revenue for a company. As we know, every business in today’s world is tech-savvy and needs some smart software––indeed, it is the foundation for every business. This means ditching the old program for a new custom software development and gaining a competitive advantage for the company is what every business owner needs these days. 

Running a business involves a lot of aspects —  Administration, supply chain, operations, analytics, and customer satisfaction. All this together without any technology spells mismanagement and chaos. Therefore, software automation helps businesses to reach their goals successfully. And all Tech giants like Google, Salesforce, and Amazon couldn’t survive without software. Their custom program improves productivity, decreases costs, increases efficiencies, and streamlines processes. 

Well, there is always the “Build vs. Buy” software dilemma. The company can opt for ready-made solutions if the software fits their requirements or invest in a newly customized one. However, the cost of building new software will be higher than the ready-made one. But with heaps of commercially built (ready-made) software available in the market, many business owners may feel that customized software is needless––the truth is that custom-made software not only boosts a company’s performance and efficiency but also welcomes more customers each day. 

Let us discuss some early signs that tell businesses why they need Custom Developed Software.

The business is overwhelmed by paperwork 

One of the basic objectives of (any small, mid or large size) business is to increase revenue, which could drastically increase when a business has higher productivity. Suppose a company sees its employees struggling with too much paperwork or a manual process that involves continuously entering a bulk of data into spreadsheets. In that case, it results in human error and increased work time. In this situation, how can a business progress? Here, custom business software development seems like a good solution providing an all-in-one environment (work integration) for all employees to execute work and communicate seamlessly at anytime, anywhere.

Too many recurring and common problems

This is too common for a small business, where a business owner needs to manage three to four clients simultaneously, all on his own. It includes: organizing email addresses, and contact information, sending notifications, scheduling meetings, assigning similar tasks, drawing invoices etc. — all day, every day! Managing everything independently could create chaos; therefore, investing in a custom software solution will let the owner automate all these common and repetitive tasks automatically without any hassle. This further helps powerful business insights and scalability (in an error-free manner) when required. 

Easy management of the data

According to sources, Businesses usually spend up to 80% of their time collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and reporting data. Majority of companies are running the entire business on Excel. But Excel has limitations–it takes a lot of time to enter and maintain the data. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide information immediately. And analytics? Forget it!

A customized software solution, with analytics integrated (presented as charts and graphs), will be a one-stop solution for all. It will help businesses monitor all metrics and key performance indicators and take care of confidentiality. Also, this analytics tool helps executives make valuable and informed decisions backed by real-time data.

Manage large customer base

Ever thought about how essential customer relations are for businesses? Poor handling of customer complaints, no response to emails or poor customer response might require software development. 

A custom software solution helps businesses to manage all the customer information, from queries to surveys to complaints, hence, maintaining continuous collaboration between the business and clients. Moreover, the software can also integrate email, and social media engagement tools, so a company never has to find itself frantically looking for important data at the time of crisis.

Growth of a business

Growth and expansion have been the dream of every business owner since the very first moment they set up the company. So, if a business expands regarding customers or location, it calls for some customized business process management solution.

The expansion means more customers. Many questions arise when we hear of expansion.  

  • Can a business owner address all their existing and new clients without compromising product quality?
  • Can a business owner use online platforms for marketing his or her business?
  • Needs a mobile application arisen to be integrated into your business?

The software will help manage workflows and integrate all information (from various departments) accessible from all locations no matter where the team is located––so that your employees can handle customers globally without any constraint, thus saving time and costs, and also on the same hand increasing efficiency. 

What if a business is running without the software?

This leads to unwanted things like lack of integration, missed deadlines, etc. Custom-made software fulfills the ever-growing needs of a company, such as flexibility, peace of mind, and ease of operations, and resolves scalability issues.

Final Words

Every organization is unique, then how one software solution can fit all? 

Most business owners are reluctant to invest in a custom-made software solution. And the main reason for this hesitance is the price. 

At MavenUp Creatives, we help you enhance your profits by building a software solution that fits your budget right. With a background rooted in science and technology, we grow in Data Analysis, CRM, Collaboration & Knowledge Management, Digital Marketing, and Information Security. Our experts build, test, manage, migrate, deploy, protect, and optimize enterprise-scale digital solutions to achieve optimal results. As part of this journey, our company partnered with huge tech leaders to ensure our clients get the best software solutions to help them reach their business goals successfully.

Have any thoughts on this? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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